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Invitation to become Ansted Honorary Professorship   

2. Calling all Ansted University community to take part in the Ansted’s Highlight events and its publication in 2016

3.    Diplomatic appointment & Ambassadorship services and its nomination opportunity open for candidacy  

4.  Free trial short courses are available at Ansted University for public to take part

- Road to become a Certified Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Practice Company in the 21st Century Globalisation Economy and get free distance learning course on CSR practice aspects are only available for registered participating companies with ANSTED.


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 Invitation to become Ansted Honorary Professorship

Ansted Honorary Professorships are awarded by Ansted University and are seen as one of the ultimate distinctions that achievers utmost respect and admiration throughout the Ansted global community. You may be aware that the Ansted was co-founded by many academicians and professionals from more than 20 countries in 1999 and we are celebrating its 17th Anniversary in 2016 I feel that the time is right to invite new candidate or existing Ansted community to accept this significant accolade. The last time to offer this Honorary Professorship was in 2007. The selection process is clear: a recipient must show the very highest level of achievement within the chosen field of academic discipline and must be seen as an authority within his or her chosen field of expertise. If you accept this invitation do feel free to write to us at and we shall arrange our concern personnel to meet you in person to help you understand more about Ansted’s journey and its history. Of course, you are most welcome to recommend your network contacts to explore this opportunity as well. Once your application is approved, you will be entitled to the letters ‘Hon.Prof’ after your name for your lifetime.  

The Ansted Governing Board looks forward to welcoming you.

Ansted University built several choices of platforms since 1999

Ansted University has been building several platforms since 1999 for developing Faculty members, Alumnus and students at large through the following phases beyond academic border:

Phase 1: Provide non-traditional tertiary education for keen learners in over 80 countries to achieve their desired academic degree qualifications via distance learning mode of studies.  

Phase 2: Encouraging and cultivating Companies, NGOs, and individuals globally to put social responsibility & sustainability practice through ASRIA recognition approaches

Phase 3: To provide turnkey project cum consultancy option to assist Ansted Alumnus Companies to go public in the United States of America through merger acquisition to trade on NASDAQ, OTCBB and NYSE markets.   

Phase 4: To grant opportunities for Ansted University faculty members to serve as Non Executive Directors or Independent Non Executive Directors on Public Listed Companies in the SEC, U.S to provide guidance and solutions. 

beyond academic border

Some of our Faculty members are specialize in writing business proposal cum with professional skills and experiences in various industries. They are willing to help our alumni to achieve their business goals through fast track mode to become a public listed company within short period. They like to create change for businesses that leads to distinct competitive advantage to suit business needs.  Our Alumni are engaged in activities that build their confidence to explore new possibilities. To us, this is not just a business – it is a method of outreach to our community. In working to support confident and thoughtful self-expression, we hope to touch lives and do our part to cultivate a generation of socially responsible and creative individuals. Beyond Academic border means we provide alumni direction, guidelines and instruction that encourage and facilitate independent thought in business of their choice. Our goal is for alumni to become self-motivated and determined to express a distinct voice.         

Because we are an institution and not a tutoring center, we are able to work with graduates on the foundation of their business proposal writing and sharpen some of their skills through strategic partnership. An alumni may claim that s/he “already knows” something, but this usually does not translate to mastery. This is why we have chosen to continue develop our alumni knowledge even after graduate, but always at a more sophisticated level and applied to more sophisticated issues. We work hard to encourage academic growth but understand that learning to conduct a successful business empire need more than produce scholars, just like learning to play the piano, is a highly individual process. Some students are naturals, while others may have to apply themselves for years in order to gain fluency. This is why we always encourage alumni to apply the skills learned here at their regular schools, and this is also why we encourage graduates, faculty members, and consultants to work together – graduates show the most growth when they can see that everyone around them is just as invested as they are.

Provide non-traditional tertiary education

It used to be synonymous with campus. But not anymore. Now you don’t have to go to a campus to take classes, get a degree, or obtain a certificate. Now, the campus can come to you.. In virtual campus you access the courses when you want as well as where you want. No matter what kind of situation are you in or whatever situation  you’re in, if you want to change careers, sharpen your competitive edge, finish high school, make more money, earn a degree, or get a Ph.D., virtual or cyber campus can help you accomplish your goals. You can reengineer yourself for the career you really want or the one you really want to keep and advance in. You can go to school and keep your life, too, because convenience and flexibility are the hallmarks of virtual or cyber campus.

There are more than eight million peoples a year get their education through virtual or cyber campus. Did you know that you can attend campus dozens of ways, without ever sitting in a campus classroom? It’s true. Today “name” universities offer two-year, one year, master’s and even Ph.D. programmes - all from a distance. Of course, “new ground” also means an intensive research trail. Any educational institution using technology to enable you to break out of the time and space barriers traditionally associated with learning and studying is a virtual or cyber campus. Technology can be as simple as pen and paper, as in correspondence study, or it can be highly sophisticated, as in courses delivered live over satellite networks.

There are a number of terms are used to describe virtual or cyber campus. The most common phrases include distance learning, distance education, home study and correspondence study.

The expert’s definition “Distance Learning is a system and a process that connects learners with distributed learning resources. While distance learning takes a wide variety of forms, all distance learning is characterized by:

·         separation of place and/or time between instructor and learner, among learners and/or between learners and learning resources.

·         interaction between the learner and the instructor, among learners and/or between learners and learning resources conducted through one or more media; use of electronic media is not necessarily required.


Virtual or cyber campus is not a second-rate learning option. A virtual or cyber education is not low quality, lower quality, or second best in anyway. Because it is so closely scrutinized, distance education programmes often end up offering higher quality than the same courses in an on-campus setting. You can be proud of any degree or certificate you earn through virtual or cyber learning.

Virtual campus is not just about technology. Distance education gives you more options, more flexibility, and more educational opportunity. Virtual or cyber campus is all about what you’re learning and how what you learn improves and changes your life. After an initial adjustment period, the technology you use becomes invisible. Think of virtual or cyber campus technology as a film projector in a movie theater. When you go to a movie, you focus on the film, not on the equipment delivering the film. It’s the same with virtual or cyber learning. It’s the course that matters, not the technological bells and whistles.

Today, the situation has changed. Instantaneous communication takes place via e-mail discussions with professors, class discussions, and team projects conducted over the internet or via phone conferences. All of this allows students to interact on a regular basis with classmates and the instructor.


ASRIA recognition approaches

We are discussing “Social Responsibility” from view-point of the philosophy and the knowledge of Nature. The social responsibility we are discussing here is novelty of understanding and at present is not known to humanity due to the evolution. But first is first and let us commence with present.

“The Present is Summary of the Past and the Future is Unpredictable”

It is hard to accept the truth. Philosophy of humankind as the main treasure of the humanity, is asking for consideration of the truth. The present of the global community of humankind as a whole of the Homo sapiens species with individual representatives within 200.000 year of coexistence has recently opened questions about the truth and option for long-lasting of humans within the biosphere of the planet Earth.

People of the Earth are of one kind – Homo sapiens species. There are no races among humans, but only different looks as per evolution within the local environment-cum-culture-nature and nurture.

Humans as species are social creatures, and are among omnivorous – meaning eating any sort of food – both animal and vegetable food. It is also part of human heritage from Nature.

Everything that was born may look like many different or similar things, but it is its individual characteristics that make the difference. At present, humankind’s global community has 7 billion+ individual members and all of them are Homo sapiens, but each and every one has his/her own characteristics.

Therefore our civilization has 7 billion+ individuals. This is important, because we have to accept reality that within the basic environment - the universe system - there are countless planets, but the planet Earth with global humankind community is only one, which we know and live on.

“The Individual Social Responsibility” is the individual’s responsibility for impacts on humans and Nature, it is a part of Nature and could be defined as: “The individual social responsibility from the natural sciences’ view-point is the ability of living beings to respond to the living environmental qualities and needs for continuum of the humans and other beings and species”.


Herewith we shall use our term “Social Responsibility”, which is a part of Nature and social creatures wherever and however also on our star system Sun and its planets together with the Earth, the planet we are living on.

Social responsibility should not be understood as a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility and any other discussed responsibility, which are as they are, and herewith we are introducing the knowledge of Nature, which has not been practiced within the global community of humankind at present.

To provide turnkey project cum consultancy option for bringing a company to go public 

The president of AICB is a Securities Attorney with over 30 years of experience in taking companies public. When going public you must be guided by a consortium whose president has the knowledge and experience to take you public properly. Going public is a complex process and you must have the best guidance possible or a relatively short process can turn into a long and arduous procedure; after all, if you needed brain surgery you wouldn’t go to a dentist?

About Our AICB International Consortium Board

AICB is an international consortium board which consists of professional in various field of specialization located in various countries. As of today, more than 500 Companies have successfully listed in the U.S. Stock Exchanges through our 1000 dedicated professional working team member effort to get it done.   

We are dedicated to building long lasting relationships with our clients and they can count on us to be active supporters and partners in building and sustaining their successful business objectives. Our staff has professional experience working with some of Wall Street’s oldest and best known companies.

Our well-seasoned experience is brought forth to benefit our clients, reflecting this set of core values:

Serving our clients is our first concern:

We take the time to guide our clients and identify their needs. Tailoring our services to meet the needs of our clients is our foremost endeavor.

We strive for excellence in all we do:

We provide our clients with the best services, bar none! No matter what we do, we go out of our way to meet and exceed our client’s requirements and expectations.

Integrity in all we do:

Professional honesty and reliability is our most defining feature. You can count on our guiding principles of respect and trust in all our activities.

Innovative thinking and performance:

We invite new ideas and offer state of the art solutions to meet our client’s needs. We provide leadership and pioneering answers to our client’s business needs.

New Listings, ADR's & Dual Listings

If you are a foreign private or public company, we can help you become a publicly traded company in the US.

For foreign companies that are already public in another domicile we can do a new listing for you in the US and dual list you or we can form an American Depository Receipt which is also known as an ADR. ADR’s can trade over the counter or on Nasdaq or other exchanges. If you want to trade as an over the counter ADR American Depository Receipt you will not require audited financials. A dual listing or an ADR is an excellent way for foreign public company to go public in the US.

We can assist foreign private companies in going public. A foreign company which goes public and trades its securities in the United States builds a relationship with its market makers (many of whom are also underwriters) and becomes known to American investors. This exposure may make more likely the obtaining of an underwriter for subsequently raising capital.

When going public you can choose to be a company in the domicile of your choice; your home country, another off-shore destination or here in the United States. The choice is yours. In some cases, there may be tax advantages gained from this. Please check with your tax advisor.

A foreign company can also establish a United States corporation as a subsidiary and register the subsidiary’s securities. Some foreign companies elect to establish a United States corporation and make the foreign company a wholly-owned subsidiary of the United States corporation.

For the finest services in going public be it as a new public company, a stock exchange dual listing or ADR we can assist you with that.

We are involved with a large network of investment bankers. We have access to the CEO’s of these investment banking firms and other investment sources, such as: equity and institutional funds. The CEO’s of these firms are the decision makers. Once your company becomes our client, we will make introductions to our vast network of investment bank & investment fund CEO’s.

Most funds and investment banks are prohibited from investing in private companies. So, what do you do? Go public and gain access to a new world of potential investors and capital. You can go public and then we can make introductions to the CEO’s of the investment banks, in a type of “best efforts offering.”

Once public, these investment firms and funds can invest in your company. You can then offer to sell to them, or have them sell your stock to their clients at a discount to the open market trading price. This allows them to offer your stock to their clients at a discount. The stock is restricted from resale for a time period; that is the reason for the discount.

The prestige of being a public company and having a stock symbol, coupled with the ability to sell stock at a discount makes a compelling case for people to invest in your company. There is another way to raise capital without the need of investment banks that is not available to private companies. A public company that registers its offering with the SEC, and follows other guidelines, can advertise to the general public to buy their stock. Whereas private companies are prohibited by law from advertising for investors. Private companies are only allowed to raise money from friends and family. A public company, having the ability to advertise their stock offering has a distinct advantage over a private company. This is quite an advantage a public company has over a private company. The fact that a properly registered company can advertise is a big advantage. Therefore, when you are a public company, you don’t have to depend on investment banks. If you really believe you have a good company you can advertise to attract investors.

This has been the current trend over the last few years. More money has been raised through this kind of alternative or secondary offering than IPO’s. It is the way smaller companies raise money. They go public and then they raise money via advertising properly registered offerings and/or going to meet with investment bankers and ask them to invest, or have their clients invest in the offering. One of the other advantages of being a public company is that you can use the public company stock to make acquisitions, buy goods and services, including media. Remember that advertising shelf-life, such as radio, print, TV, newspapers and magazines, is like food: perishable. Meaning:

Once past a certain date the advertising is useless. There are large corporate media and advertising groups that will trade advertising for public company stock. You can then use the advertising for investor awareness campaigns and to promote your goods and services. “Investor relations” is the practice of promoting your stock. We also help you with this. There are numerous ways to create investor awareness within the Wall Street community as well as to general investors. Public shells are not needed to go public. In fact, it is easier and faster to take your company public directly, without a public shell.

However, if you are a consultant, CPA, investment banker, or attorney and would like us to create a new public shell for you, we can do that. Consultants may want to insert themselves into a deal to acquire an interest in a business. A public shell is a way to do that. It does not save time for the company in any way, because there are additional expenses and time after the merger, before you receive a stock symbol and begin trading; but it is a way to make yourself part of the deal. Again, to be clear, this is only appropriate for advisers that don’t know what company they would like to take public at the time. If you are the CEO, or the president of a company that you would like to take public, the fastest way to become a publicly traded company is by allowing us to take your company public directly. We offer an all-inclusive going public service, since the president of our company is an experienced Securities Attorney. AICB is the pre-eminent international consortium board in providing go public services. We will guide and advise you throughout the entire going public process, all the way from inception until you get your stock symbol and beyond. We will assist you with investor relations, setting up road shows, meeting financial sources and more.

The main advantage public companies have is their ability to tap the financial markets by selling stock (equity) or bonds to raise capital (i.e. cash) for expansion and projects. The main advantage to private companies is that management doesn't have to answer to stockholders and isn't required to file disclosure statements with the SEC. However, a private company can't dip into the public capital markets and must therefore turn to private funding, which can boost the cost of capital and may limit expansion. It has been said often that private companies seek to minimize the tax bite, while public companies seek to increase profits for shareholders.

Ansted University faculty members to serve as Non Executive Directors or Independent Non Executive Directors

Ansted University found that a graduate after established himself or herself in the business platform for some years should take new challenge by holding a Non Executive Directorship can have many benefits. Certainly, the additional income was attractive. Perhaps, more importantly, it led to job satisfaction, an increased level of networking and contacts, job security, a sense of worth and contribution plus a feeling that I was doing something good and that it was appreciated.  Do you get this in your current employment? However, there are many Ansted Alumni owned public listed Companies and they are looking for NED or INED to work for them. Dozens and dozens of our graduates have secured lucrative NED opportunities through us.




1.    Scientific Board President of AU Awarded: Dr. Dana M. Barry, Senior Technical Writer and Editor at Clarkson University’s Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP), has won her 17th consecutive APEX Award for Publication Excellence. For more:

2. Calling all Ansted University community to take part in the Ansted’s Highlight events and its publication in 2012

3.  Diplomatic appointment & Ambassadorship services and its nomination opportunity open for candidacy  

4 Free trial short courses are available at Ansted University for public to take part

- Road to become a Certified Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Practice Company in the 21st Century Globalisation Economy and get free distance learning course on CSR practice aspects are only available for registered participating companies with ANSTED.



Acceptance of the Ansted University graduates by the University of Ulster, UK for continued study and research

Message by Dr. David Lingiah, Editorial Board

On behalf of the Editorial Board of Ansted University Website developing project, I would like to extend my warm welcome to you for coming by and considering Ansted University as your future University. By electing to further your higher studies and profession, you have joined the world of learning opportunities and winning team.

For me, indeed it is a great pleasure and honour to serve as editor for Ansted University web site project for my university. I am one of the Ansted graduates. It helps me to know more about my university especially after reading through few hundred pages of its contents developed and contributed by Ansted community globally. I wish to give the special credit to a few hundred of them who have put their efforts to making this website an informative one which will help visitors to have a chance to learn more about Ansted University.

Each input and message written by writers from different parts of the world particularly for this website project is reflected their personal experience after joining Ansted University. It firms up Ansted University culture and it values.

Proofreading and editing work of a web site is a highly skilled task. When I was approached to support this initiative I immediately accepted this challenge as part of my personal development and a service to a marvellous educational institution. I enjoyed every moment of it.

My involvement in editing the contents for Ansted University web site, let alone the one I did in 2005 and the limited edition for the 2006 UNESCO Forum/graduation in Paris has given me a rare insight into the missionary work that Ansted University has undertaken for world Peace and Culture through the various initiatives it has already taken, often alone, and sometimes with the support of top intellectuals and experts in diverse fields from every corner of the globe.

Through constant positive thinking or higher achievement, persistence, discipline and toiling for long hours will lead you to the highest peak of professional attainment, academic success and degree. To get ahead in today’s highly competitive world, requires Knowledge, Skills and Diligence. Being a pioneer in international education, Ansted University now plays a leading role, which continues to widen its frontiers.

We really we must ask ourselves:

“The people who created/built the Great Wall of China or Pyramid: did they earn a degree from "traditional" university? Not at all. The traditional university earned the degree from them, Why? because the university researchers really copied their Life Experience which became theory.”

“Who created the car engine, or airplane?... Please think about it. Did their creation come from theory or experience? The answer is: they created the theory by their experience. The first engineer in the world was an ordinary man who got the technical knowledge from his life experiences.

You probably have already earned your education through life experience and work-related achievements. Now its time for you to convert your hard earned life experiences into academic credit points leading to a degree. By electing to further your higher studies and professional training with Ansted University, you are joining the world of learning opportunities and a winning team.

Institutional Philosophy

Based on my personal experience, I strongly believe that Ansted University is firmly committed to the principles of teaching and to providing men and women with quality higher education. The University enriches the human community and enhances the individuals through its educational endeavors. It is the goal of the Ansted University to provide meaningful, quality education, and professional training compatible with the needs of mature adults.

The University believes that the students and the educators are to be held equally accountable for the quality of their interaction and the responsibility for learning must be shared by all individuals involved in the educational circle of experience. The University fills the need for innovative programs that reduce barriers and limitations, while still maintaining high standards for quality of education provided. The faculty members assist students in developing a programme around their personal interests and goals, thereby creating a synthesis of thinking and learning.

Ansted’s faculty provides guided inquiries into areas of knowledge, beliefs and value systems. Programs are created to meet the needs of dynamic society without unnecessarily limiting the educational delivery system. With the proper organizational systems and guidelines, and administrative support, students will acquire and demonstrate a greater breadth and depth of knowledge, critical thinking and clear self-expression, as well as gaining the research skills necessary to maintain a high level of competence in the students’ areas of expertise. It is the responsibility of all Ansted academic staff to help in the development of the responsible citizens an up-to-date and relevant curriculum in order to achieve the knowledge base and skills required in an ever-changing society. This includes the ability to develop concern for moral perception, self-actualization and academic discipline.

Ansted University founders, managers and everyone involved in the practical application philosophy underpinning Social Responsibility are in the vanguard of a new wave for change—the introduction of social values in every aspects of our lives- in order to create and sustain a world where we can all live in peace and harmony. This is the reason why many other right-thinking individuals from all parts of the world are willing to support the work being carried out by this Offshore Open International University led by Prof. Dr. Roger Haw, who has inspired me and many others to give willingly and freely of our time to ensure Ansted’s vision become a reality in the shortest time possible for the benefits of humanity at large.

I witnessed the very warm welcome accorded to Ansted University delegates, led by Dr. Roger Haw, at the recent UNESCO Forum in Paris. Leaders from every corner of the earth were there; they all knew of the Ansted University’s mission for Peace through education and character-building. This growing family of peace builders through the use of modern technology is marching forward with the blessings of many concerned people to ensure basic human values of peace and non-violence prevail in our modern world.

Would anyone like to stay on the fence at this critical time? Our ancestors prayed for peace throughout the universe. “Lokha Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu.” Ansted University is taking the lead. Anyone willing to lend a helping hand is most welcome.

As editor of this special issue and Ansted alumni overseeing the task of the Ansted University New website I wish you all happy and peaceful reading.

As editor and Ansted alumni of Ansted University I wish you all happy and peaceful reading.

Your constructive comments and opinions are much appreciated.

Dr David B. Lingiah

1. Free trial short courses are available at Ansted University for public to take part

Ansted University has developed a series of free trial short courses for public to participate. Usually the course will last between 3 and 7 days. Applicant has to register by filling a form and submit it to us for processing. We only allow one free course to one applicant. Of course, if we can get more sponsors then more free trial courses will be offered to public. It will be an interesting experience in taking our free trial course which will help you to determine whether you would like to continue to study at Ansted University. As far as we know there is no university that provides this kind of free trial courses for public as part of social responsibility practice cultivated by Ansted University and gives opportunity for learner to experience the benefits offered by distance learning programme. Perhaps it may help the keen learner to know more about Ansted University approach in distance learning. You are welcome to experience it. For more detailed information and procedures, kindly write to us at email: or

2. Road to become a Certified Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Practice Company in the 21st Century Globalisation Economy and get free distance learning course on CSR practice aspects are only available for registered participating companies with ANSTED.

All of us are aware of the importance of getting our company products or services to be certified by quality standard accreditation bodies in order to demonstrate the products and services produced or rendered by a company is meeting the high quality standard criteria to ensure public or end users trust the company products or services. Some companies even go for Super Brand nomination process after attaining ISO and so on. Now is the time to get your company to be certified as a CSR practice organization and learn from the CSR practice community. Do your part to make this world a better place to live in besides making profits.

ANSTED has created a platform for cultivating CSR practice since 2004. The Company philosophy, culture and approach on getting things done from the Top management to the floor level are depending very much on the choice of practices conducted by the Top management. This is how a CSR practice is formed from these factors. The key factors or principles for practising Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are: Transparency, Sustainability, Accountability and Reliability. Not even a single factor of these four principles can be taken lightly.

ANSTED is inviting all size of companies to join this meaningful platform and get them certified by The Board of Trustees of Ansted Social Responsibility International Awards (ASRIA). All the employees and employers of these registered participating companies with ANSTED are entitled to pursue series of CSR complimentary courses.

As we know that today’s responsible companies will be tomorrow’s profitable companies. In the last couple of years, CSR has become a priority issue on the UN, US, Canada, EU agenda and it is now coming to ASIA (which recognizes that responsible businesses attract investment funds, and a quality workforce more easily than others).

The successful firms of tomorrow will be the far-sighted and responsible enterprises that have responded to the demands of global citizens – as workers, as consumers, as investors and as inhabitants of their region and country, of Asia and of the world. I would like to say a little more about each of these aspects of citizenship and how business can respond to them.

It is apparent that any action which an organization undertakes will have an effort not just upon itself but also upon the external environment where it operates. In considering its impact on the environment, it must be recognized that the latter includes the business scenario in which a firm operates, the local societal conditions in which the organization is located, and the wider global environment.

How the CSR practicing companies will benefit? Of course, their customers will trust them more. Their employees will feel a greater sense of commitment and motivation. Ethically aware investors will choose them. They will benefit from constructive co-operation with national and local authorities and from partnership with educational and research institutes as well as civil society. Finally, they will be helping to promote country and/or organisation values and giving the country and/or organization a leading role in shaping international rules that are in everyone’s interests. This concept of corporate responsibility is not just a new and fashionable piece of jargon. It is a hard reality, and one on which the survival of developing countries depends. It is in the long-term interest of all of us – business, public authorities and institutions – to put this sense of responsibility into practice.

If interested in finding more details information on how to ride on this opportunity, please write to us at or

3. Invitation to joint venture with Ansted pool of expert resources for various types of brainstorm and research projects as well as consulting service.

The profound success and growth of an organization and institution has brought with it the need for updated and forward thinking approaches to organizational structure and management.

From this humble beginning in 1999, the vision of the Ansted Foundation to set up a Non profit institution named call Ansted University which is an open international university began to spread across the world and started to embrace all that had gone on before and all that was now coming into prominence. Till to-date we have been receiving many proposals from various organizations and institutions to express their interest in joint venture with Ansted University to co-develop projects because we have a large team of experts in various disciplines able to extend our arm for collaboration for mutual parties benefit either for a long term or short term period.
To assist you and your organization in reaching your full potential without distracting you or your management from the real work at hand, ANSTED Consulting has developed a broad range of professional and cost effective consulting services to help individuals or organizations to leverage the strengths of their organizational resources. Our strategic consulting services help clients to design and implement new policies and procedures, address outdated or ineffective systems, and create solution-based goals and objectives. These issues must be addressed on an on-going basis to ensure that your organization is fully prepared to benefit from the social and economic opportunities that lay before you. ANSTED has extensive experience in consolidating our ability to work in respectful harmony with the clients we serve besides running academic programmes. Our commitment to tribal communities is rooted in our understanding of the structure and function of tribal government issues and our intimate familiarity with the complexities of contemporary International law.

Imperative to the success of any project is a firm grasp of goals and objectives. Our experienced resources can:

1. Conduct a needs assessment survey to determine current conditions and identify anticipated outcomes.
2. Develop and implement hands-on solutions that combine consulting and training services designed to meet your desired objectives.
3. Evaluate the results and plan for continuous review and improvement.

ANSTED can assist you and your organization in the following areas:

  • Project management
  • Recruitment systems
  • Development and review of institution policies
  • Wage and salary plans
  • Recruitment and retention strategies
  • Sexual harassment policies
  • Ethics and standards of conduct codes
  • Strategic planning
  • Board member and executive retreats
  • Purchasing policies and procedures
  • Indirect cost proposals
  • Cost and price analysis
  • Internal control systems
  • Financial management policies and procedures
  • Housing plans
  • Health codes
  • Enrolment ordinances
  • Elections
  • Management of information services
  • Network solutions
  • Much, much more!

Fifty years ago, the globalisation of education was only a dream, and the regional college system on a world scale only a long-range vision. Today, it is more than probable that such a vision will materialize and that the world will accept a new view of what true education can be like.
ANSTED has its history, its economy, its philosophy, and a host of aspects such as its administration, its curriculum, its academic practices, its faculty, its representative, its affiliated campus development, and its long-range objectives, which are calculated to take Education to new frontiers.
A group of educators, politicians, businessmen and professional people from so many countries actively participating, who comprised an international planning committee for exploring the possibilities of creating an International University with a world philosophy and a worldwide outreach. A gathering of educators, politicians and professionals in all walks of life, who have a spiritual view of the future of man and who have at the same time the requisite competence to establish an academic medium for the education of the world’s youth at large in the acceptance of that view. Unfortunately, moral values and education, as we know it in modern practice, do not go hand in hand. Goodness is not enough to justify greatness.
A university must have a reason for its existence, and ANSTED has the very best reason—the education of youth and providing lifelong learning opportunities for a world that reflects optimum human capability. ANSTED is carrying Education to new frontiers.
What has made this institution unique among all others dedicated to similar goals is not that it has the world view or that it reflects a philosophy of human excellence in the broadest possible spiritual sense, but that it seeks to build from the grass roots up in different states and abroad of the regional colleges and learning centres that are democratically governed within a single, all-inclusive, international administration. It is this element of the democratisation of the university that makes this institution a more fitting instrument for integrating a unified humanity in a unified world for a unified purpose, yet allowing for that diversity which gives every constituent a sacred destiny to fulfil.
The (delete The) ANSTED would hardly be a university, if it ignored or repudiated the vast body of knowledge, which constitutes the foundation upon which all-modern learning rests. Nor would such a university, as is here described, be world-embracing, if it refused to assimilate the combined and extant knowledge which is the heritage of all the nations and races which ever existed. ANSTED UNIVERSITY, as conceived by this institution, symbolizes the sum total of all that can be termed truth, even thought the extent and the interpretation of that truth is always under constant research, and can never be known in its entirety.
ANSTED to succeed, it must be far-sighted, visionary, courageous in exploring new knowledge, sensitive to significant changes in our way of life, a University that dares to dream of a more humane world in which organized violence is unknown and the human potential more fully developed. The cost of educating our young people, who have a high moral integrity and a lofty vision of the future, are escalating with the new technology of the Internet and beyond. Yet these are the future leaders of the world. Without them, the world indeed may have no future at all.
ANSTED is multidimensional without artificial barriers and dogmatic limitations. It aims to not only consider education as an art, but also as a science. It excludes nothing that is constructive, uplifting, inspirational and in the mainstream of human evolution. As stated in the ANSTED Constitution, it offers an integrated learning, which reflects a synthesis of knowledge and a unity or purpose, necessary to a healthy, peaceful, and orderly functioning of the world community.
Every phase of university education today is expensive, especially if it is reduced to a one on one basis. ANSTED, whose faculty is scattered across the world and whose curriculum is in a constant state of flux from new knowledge that is outmoding old practices, is no exception. The need for finances to fund the programmes of the University is beyond question. This is why we are so grateful to those who gave in the past and why continued support is so imperative for our future success.
Sponsoring and sustaining ANSTED with a world outreach takes more than money. The ANSTED Foundation had to be drawn from people who believed in its ideals and who were willing to sacrifice some of their substance in pursuit of its goals.
Presently ANSTED appeal only to those who love the work for the work’s sake and who are not only willing but capable of putting their money where their aspiration is. Interest in the University is not enough, but support is vital. No matter how good people are at heart, unless they can help in a practical way, they are doing little to influence the course of events. Many might like to help and cannot. There is also a difference between those who say in the same breath, you have a great idea but count me out, and those who want to be counted in but can only make a token contribution to the success of what they believe. It is our view that those who support the University do so because such participation is essential to the fulfilment of their own creative impulse. Once again, thank profusely to all the generous donors.
It is an axiom in fund raising circles that people give to people and not to causes. This is unfortunate because so much giving is qualified by who gives what and when. A prestigious board of trustees, capable of raising millions of dollars within a small group of people, can without difficulty raise additional millions from the general public. Usually money attracts money, and a programme is evolved which succeeds financially, since the available funds can buy talent, equipment, advertising, and all the necessary ingredients to its material success. But there are times when a programme must in itself attract money or fail in its promotion. And if that money is unrelated to the cause, which it is meant to progress, the cause may well suffer.
Not surprising also is the fact that funding a university of this magnitude would be slow and entirely inadequate due to so many things needed to be done and required to equip the high-tech facilities. No guarantee is applicable to any prediction, unless one is working in the exact sciences, perhaps. It is good to accept money from individual who contributes it. In other words, the donor is as important as his/her contribution. Money alone cannot cause ANSTED to succeed. But money backed by the dedication and the talent of donor can go a long way toward the fulfilment of the University’s possibilities. As for belief in the leadership, one must always know who the true leaders are, and these are the people who reflect the true worth and integrity of the institution. Yet there are those who would not give up the dream and who would hold to the ANSTED vision regardless of the effort and the sacrifice. It takes service of a high order, and to recognize that service for world betterment, ANSTED has created many awards in honour of those who serve, and have served, beyond the call of duty. It does not solicit the candidate for the award, but does invite his/her consideration of the honour, especially if the request is accompanied by the recommendation as noted in the ANSTED Board of Governors & Advisory Council. The University, which confers this award, is as unique as the award itself. The honour of the affiliation must equal the honour of the distinction.
If you have light you wish to share with others, you are invited to share that light with and through the Conference, Seminar, Roundtable meeting of ANSTED. You, too, can help to make this institution a world commonwealth of education, science, and culture, stimulating the human quest for truth, and offering to establish a foundation upon which the world may build a truly humane civilization for generations yet to come. Obviously, the institution welcomes support from anyone who shares these ideals and who would like to take an active part in this development. Please let the management of ANSTED know what you can contribute towards this incomparable learning adventure.
Education is today in the throes of a revolution that has many facets to its expression, from home study schooling primarily for children to problem solving, etc. Much of our present subject matter is already obsolete, and much of it is irrelevant to modern needs. It is said that the task of education is not only to teach the subject matter of the arts and sciences, as much as it is to raise the level of awareness and response to all ideas and events, as well as people and objects. Perception is therefore more important than knowledge and understanding is more important than fact. We are educated, but not always cultured; skilled, but not always constructive. What is needed is some comprehension of a plan that foresees the trend of human evolution, and the manner in which humanity can cooperate with it for the lasting benefit of all.
Instead of pouring facts into empty mind, the school attempts to bring out of the individual the knowledge which is already there. Hence, the true meaning of education: to draw out, to evoke, to evolve, to develop and to express that which is within. This concept goes back 2500 years to the ancient Greeks and to the Platonic philosophy of successive re-embodiment; so it is nothing new in the history of education. If every student is responsible for the condition in which he finds himself/herself and is the product of his/her own self-image, what chance does he/she have of achieving success in his/her chosen vocation, unless he/she does express the proper self-image?
The assumption that intelligence alone is insufficient for the purpose is correct. Our world today is in the hands of the educated, but it is also facing almost total catastrophe. Obviously, our education has to be faulty to produce such a devastating effect. The missing link in modern education is dedication to a selfless cause that transcends the necessity for personal aggrandizement as a way of life. The key to university education is commitment, not mind power alone.
Life is not just a matter of achieving success by the time-honoured method of accumulating possessions and wielding power. It is a matter of fulfilling a destiny that is personal and spiritually satisfying to the individual concerned. Education may be called a philosophy, and even an art, but it can hardly be called a science until it has revealed the student’s identity, that is who he is, where he has been, why he is here, and where he is going. Of course, this revelation is applicable to both sexes.
Once a student knows what his capacities are and what dangers to avoid, he is prepared to succeed no matter what his formal professional training. All education starts with self-revelation, and it is from this beginning that ANSTED proposes to guide the student toward the realization of his/her destiny. ANSTED exists on the assumption that all of mankind is on the threshold of a new experience in world order. It is the formation and direction of this world order, which is the priority now to engage the serious consideration of all men and women of goodwill. The student must first understand the objective before he/she can know what his/her destiny demands of him/her in the way of performance.
Now we are on the threshold of a new century and the third millennium of our current calendar, the idea of ANSTED is achieving some degree of tangibility. ANSTED is free of nationalism and sectarianism, racial and cultural bias, is coming of age, and it is suggesting an alternative to the existing system which has outlived its relevance to the needs of the New Humanity now coming to birth.
We recognize that every child comes into this life with a purpose to ennoble, some excellence to attain a destiny to fulfil. We need to encourage that understanding and to encourage world citizens to express moral strength and spiritual integrity—ultimate incorruptibility.
That is ANSTED vision, and that is what ANSTED is all about. It is now our opportunity and our challenge to advance ANSTED a step further in its integration by renewing our dedication and lifting our sights for a broader view of a wider horizon.

Note: If you wish to add your message please do so. We would like to encourage you to participate and share with ANSTED community as to what you have in mind on how to assist ANSTED to carry ANSTED mission to new frontiers. This is just a continuation process.

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