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PRESS RELEASES in 2011 (新闻发布2011):

Lists of press releases have been published in China, the United States and Germany to cover the news of our events held in Xiamen, China (中国, 美国 德国有关这次在厦门召开大会的新闻媒体报道清单)

There are at least 26 press releases mentioned (about the events) which have been published by different press and media companies in China via internet news to keep the people in China and other parts of the world (where people can read the Chinese language) informed about the historical moment celebration ceremonies that were hosted, supported, sponsored and organized by fifteen organizations both from local and foreign entities. The events consisted of six different types of official affairs and involved many organizations and institutions, which happened to be under the same platform. There were several types of highlights displayed in the press releases covered by different media companies in China to inform readers at large about these successful events held on the 25th and 26th September 2011 in Xiamen, China.


1. (福建之窗)

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5. (台海网)

6. (厦门小鱼社区)



9. (百度贴吧)


11. (国际会议)

12. (聚焦国际)

13. (城市瞭望)

14. 莆田民革新闻











In conjunction with the Ansted University Graduation & Ansted Social Responsibility International Award (ASRIA) presentation ceremony, the organising committee has also established the 1st declaration of  the World Thinkers’ Panel on the Sustainable Future of Humankind (WTP-SFH) on 25th September 2011 with a keynote address delivered by Ansted University’s President of the Scientific Board, Prof. Dr. Dana Marie Barry (United States) at the Xiamen International Convention Center (XICC), in the presence of government representatives from different parts of China, groups of local and foreign academicians and scientists as well as Ambassadors of Non Governmental Organizations to United Nations, who also attended the said event. Delegates were from the United States , Canada , Germany , Italy , Slovenia , Malaysia , Cambodia , Singapore and Bangladesh . They came to grace this important declaration event ceremony too.

2011925 ,与Ansted大学毕业典礼和国际社会责任奖颁奖仪式一起的还有由组委会发布的世界思想家对于人类未来的持续发展专家小组宣言。Ansted大学科学委员会主席Dana Marie Barry博士教授(美国)在厦门会展中心发表关键致辞。来自中国官方的代表,当地和海外学者,科学家以及联合国非政府组织的大使们都出席了该典礼。来之美国,加拿大,德国,意大利,斯洛文尼亚,马来西亚,柬埔寨,新加坡和孟加拉国的代表也都见证了仪式上重要宣言的发布。

The declaration of the WTP-SFH welcoming address was delivered by Prof. Dr. Timi Ecimovic, the President of SEM Institute for Climate Change in Slovenia . According to Prof. Ecimovic the objective of the WTP-SFH declaration is an initial declaration in China to open the possibilities for work on the sustainable future of mankind. It means from the planning stage to the implementing stage. Everyone could contribute something for the benefit of humankind.  

世界思想家对于人类未来的持续发展专家小组宣言由斯洛文尼亚气候变化研讨机构主席 Timi Ecimovic博士教授宣读。根据Timi Ecimovic博士教授所说,世界思想家对于人类未来的持续发展专家小组宣言的目的是在使开展为人类可持续性发展而工作成为可能。这意味着工作已经从筹备阶段进行到执行阶段。每个人都要为人类可持续性发展做出自己的一份贡献。

The ceremony concluded with a statement by Sir Prof. Dr. Major Roger Haw from Malaysia , one of the Founding members of the WTP-SFH. He said that “The rising trends of global population, globalization, the existing deplorable conditions of the environment at global and national levels in relative contribution of various environmental degradations (producing unhealthy foods, providing endangering and unethical services, human being’s attitude with lack of social responsibility practice, the technology advancement gradually replaces traditional culture position, the natural disaster constantly happening in the world and all these) have urged the Founding members of WTP-SFH from various countries to establish a mission of raising environmental awareness among people of the globe and nations to take up action plans in right earnest to ensure a sustainable future of humankind in the global perspectives. These are lessons for all countries, both rich and poor”


According to Ambassador Dato’ Dr. Ang Ban Siong, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee cum Chapter Founding member of WTP-SFH in China for this event, there were over 1000 participants who witnessed the event ceremony. The Declaration is giving rights, and is asking for individual social responsibility of members of the human global community (7 billion individuals). The goal is to reach global sustainability of the human global community. The global sustainability is a transition from a sustainable development societal technique to the sustainable future societal technique. The United Nations and other general assembly programs and organs or related bodies and agencies to the UN as well as UN information centers are also welcome to co-operate for the common goal of sustaining the future of humankind. This declaration will go on to other parts of the world. However, Xiamen , China will mark in history as the very first declaration venue in the world before embarking to the next venue.


Finally, on 26th September, the 1st International Conference on Protect the Earth and Ocean was successfully organized and implemented at Xiamen Ocean Vocational College with the Opening Speech by Prof. Yang Ling, President of Xiamen Ocean Vocational College. There were eight official speakers from China , the United States , Canada , Germany and a visiting speaker from Singapore who presented their profound papers at the said conference. There were around 200 participants who attended the conference and interesting discussion in the context of the critical subject area on how to protect and save the Earth and Ocean.


In conjunction with the Declaration effort we also made such a similar declaration on 26th September at the 1st International Conference on “Protect the Earth and Ocean” held at the Xiamen Ocean Vocational College (Xiang An), Xiamen Donghe Biological Medical & Edible Foods Institution’s Conference Hall. Selected papers presented at the Conference include the following: Protect our Air which is essential for human life, Protect Ocean is to protect the Mankind, Globalization 2011, The Development of Ocean Resources, Protect the Ocean, The relationship between human and ocean protection, German Educational System in Change or “The Mission Impossible” and the Ocean Bio-technology to change the future human living conditions.


The said event was video recorded by a China National TV channel for producing a special program to be broadcast by a local TV channel at a later date. The question and answer session was very fruitful. It provided an opportunity for participants to express their thoughts and questions, which were answered by experts accordingly. Three Chinese translators helped make the event run smoothly and end on time. Each speaker and concerned organizing committee member received a certificate of appreciation and souvenir from Professor Tang Shui Yuan. The event ended with a closing speech by the Organizing Chairman of the said Conference, Prof. Tang Shui Yuan, who was also one of the speakers at the event.

以上论坛已经有中央电视台录制,并会为此做一次特别节目在适当的时机在当地电视台播放。问题和回答环节是最精彩的部分。在场的每个人都有自己的想法,专家们也都给予了一一解答。在三位在场中文翻译的帮助下,本次论坛进行的非常顺利并在预定时间内结束。每位发言者和相关论坛组织单位都 从汤水源 教授手中接过感谢状和纪念品。本次论坛最后在组委会主 席汤水源 教授的闭幕词中结束。 教授也是论坛的八个发言人之一。

More coming soon...



a. Ansted Service Center

Books, Magazine, Journal and newsletters of Ansted University are a publication of Ansted Service Center. Ansted Service Center is a department of the Ansted University in Asia to overseeing the regional affairs. It furthers the university’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.

List of Ansted University Publication in the form of printed book or in CD-Rom

  1. Prospectus (Download pdf)
  2. Ansted University Newsletter Vol.1/2002 (Download pdf)
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  4. SRW Social Responsibility World of RecordPedia 2004 (printed) November (Download pdf)
  5. Stakeholders and social responsibility November 2004 (Download pdf)
  6. Social responsibility: An international journal June 2004 (Download pdf)
  7. CSR Conference and ASRIA proceedings 2005 (Download pdf)
  8. Ansted University Updates September 2005 (Download pdf)
  9. Ansted University Magazine (Commemorative edition) (printed & CD-Rom) 1999-2006
  10. More publications are on the way..

Those who want to serve as voluntary editor and contribute articles or research papers are welcome. Please email to us at or or write in. All communication for publication should be addressed to Ansted Service Center, Department of Publication, P O Box 1067, 10840 Penang. Malaysia.

b. Welcome proposal if you have book(s) or CD(s) to print:

Ansted welcomes publication proposal to help further the mission of the university in terms of teaching, research and its relations with the global community. If you are interested in submitting your proposal, kindly request us to send you the project proposal guidelines. Sometimes also we invite organizations or companies join hand with us to sponsor our publication projects. A relatively small amount of funding is sought, primarily to establish publication and all time involved from those concerned will be freely donated. The benefits to be obtained are concerned with enhancing the reputation of the university and achieving a positive effect in the world community.

c. Ansted University works towards Social Responsibility cultivation objective

Ansted University strives to earn international prominence as a university of special distinction through its integration of teaching, research and service to society. It is deeply committed to the creative understanding of nature and human society as an essential element of the learning process. From our university perspective, one of the main aspects of human society is that of citizenship of our global community and that citizenship implies a sense of social responsibility and a putting back into the community at least as much as is taken out.

Social responsibility has implications not just for us as individuals but also as members of communities and society at large. The concept also needs however be applied to organizations such as corporations and governments. Sadly this is often more apparent by its absence than by anything else. Much of our publication has been concerned with the consequences of this absence and with fostering a debate about how this might be changed. Education is one way to bring about change and this is central to the purpose of the university, and the principal reason for my involvement. Another potential way to bring about change however is through an engagement in scholarly debate, involving as many people as possible from as many different backgrounds as possible. Therefore, your proposal to introduce an academic publication must be related to foster this debate and to raise awareness among our students of both the ongoing debate and the need for this debate.

d. About the series of CSR books launching:

Ansted University demonstrates its commitment to social responsibility through some of the activities of its Asia Regional Service Center. It publishes the periodical Social Responsibility: an International Journal. Two books also are available. These are The Stakeholders and Social Responsibility and SRW Social Responsibility World of RecordPedia.

“Books don’t just happen by themselves. A number of smart, dedicated, competent, and compassionate people have to care about a book (and its authors) long enough to get it all done. On behalf of the management of Ansted, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the writers who contributed their effort and time to develop these publications and promote Social Responsibility globally together with Ansted University and me. I know, no serious academic text or reference or resource book will ever see the light of day without the careful and thoughtful work of professional and academicians. Those people reviewed, criticized, and improved the contents of these books in many important ways, and to each of them goes our gratitude.” Prof. Dr. Roger Haw

Over the last decade the question of the relationship between organizations and society has been subject of much debate, often of a critical nature. The decade has seen protests concerning the actions of organizations, exposures of corporate exploitation and unfolding accounting scandals. At the same time, ethical behaviour and a concern for the environment have been shown to have a positive correlation with corporate performance.

Ansted University Publication Unit has launched two times of these “Stakeholders and social responsibility” and “SRW Social Responsibility World of RecordPedia 2004” two books held in Malaysia. The first launching ceremony was opened to only CSR conference delegates and the second launching ceremony was opened to Environment and Disaster Management conference delegates to witness it. Both launching ceremonies were held at the international level.

The nature of corporate social responsibility is a topical one for business and academics. The book was 1st launched in conjunction with the 2nd International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Penang, Malaysia, 21-23 November 2004 and the 2nd launched was held in conjunction with the International Conference on Environment and Disaster Management "Our Shrinking World" is organized by the World Youth Foundation in cooperation with the Economic Planning Unit of the Prime Minister’s Department Malaysia, Ministry of Finance Malaysia, Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Melaka State Government. .

The 21st century is an age when all people should learn to live in harmony. The best way we can put this spirit into practice is to become socially responsible people and organizations committed to the service of others.

Ansted brought together a group of Corporate Social Responsibility practitioners and experts as well as academicians and researchers from around the world who, in the spirit of peace and harmony, do so much to make this “Global Village” a better place to live in.

Corporations, regardless of size, play an important role in modern society. The effects of corporate activity impact the organization itself and society and the world in which it is immersed. Typical organizational influences are:

  • the distribution of wealth created within the firm to the owners of that firm (via dividends) and the workers of that firm (through wages) and the effect of this upon the welfare of individuals;
  • the enrichment of a local community through the creation of employment;
  • the effects of competition between itself and other organizations in the same market;
  • the utilisation of natural resources as a part of its production processes; and,
  • transformation of the landscape due to raw material extraction or waste product storage.


Thus, an organization has varied and wide reaching influences on its social, economic, cultural, and global environments. These effects can in some circumstances and by some people be viewed as beneficial and detrimental to others and, often, simultaneously.
The aim of the publications debate CSR, present records about social responsibility affairs and discuss how it can be implemented and continued. Readers learn from eminent experts from various parts of the world how each is dealing with CSR issues. Readers should not expect only economic or business approaches to CSR.

If you wish to read some of the commendable messages pertaining to our publication do write to us and we are very happy to send it to you for perusal.

To order these publications, please contact us at:

Email: or
web site address:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a topic which is considered to be of particular importance at the present time and definitions of corporate social responsibility are many and diverse. In all however there is an implicit understanding that corporations are a part of society just as much as each of us is as an individual and have the same obligations to responsible behaviour.
The benefits of the book project:

  • Enhancing the mission of Ansted in terms of teaching, research and service to the community
  • Enhancing the reputation of Ansted worldwide as a scholarly community
  • Promoting Ansted through its reputation for scholarly debate
  • Helping to promote social responsibility and citizenship in the global community

The reason behind of SRW RecordPedia publication: Penang is an Island known as “Pearl of the Orient” in the world. Also it is a birthplace of “SRW Social Responsibility World of Recordpedia” - the first kind of world book of records with a focus in the area of social responsibility affairs. Prof. Dr Roger Haw, the Chairman and Founder/author of this book said that purpose of the SRW RecordPedia book is to keep track of all the CSR activities around the world. It shows how we practise, learn and grow as a result of individuals and corporate involvement in the community. This will get all the CSR Conference organizers around the world, CSR practice companies, CSR Awardees and all type of social responsibility illustrations recorded and compiled in SRW RecordPedia, which will provide a one-stop reference book for mankind to review. Prof. Dr. Roger Haw hopes that his idea to initiate SRW RecordPedia book project is a profound movement, which will mean a lot to the present and future generations. Perhaps it may be one of the tools to promote PEACE and a cultivating Social responsibility practice mission.

The SRW RordPedia has something to express: “Ansted University, since its inception has been cultivating social responsibility through various channels. “Ansted University is committed to develop a noble system of technology for educational development to achieve academic excellence and a caring community around the world.” Ansted Service Center gives me life. I am very fortunate to have a group of generous, dedicated and committed volunteers taking their valuable time, contributing their efforts and energy, nursing and taking care of me with LOVE. I love my appearance and the contents also blend harmoniously with the form. I want to make this world a better place to live in and “to promote World Peace through cultivating social responsibility practice” in every corner of the Earth. That’s my main mission – why I was born into this world. No matter how, I want to make myself a leading example to mankind through cultivating social responsibility practice as part of the sustainable development agenda in each household and industry. I believe the contents of my body are a useful platform for readers to peruse. Just have a look at me, read me, browse through me and even criticize me…you will find interesting and valuable articles from researchers, practitioners, academicians and consultants from more than 60 countries. I am now reaching to over 100 countries. Finally, I was born…my journey begins “to promote World Peace through cultivating social responsibility practice. I trust you will love me like your newborn baby. Cheers!..Happy reading”

On 26th December 2004, just 33 days after an international launching of the SRW Recordpedia book (which mainly focus on social responsibility aspects), the silent and mega “Tsunami Disaster” that ever happened killed more than 350,000 people and caused a few hundred thousand more of them to be injured and lose everything they have had in the past. In less than 5 minutes everything was gone. Just imagine the strong impact of this disaster which called for reflection by the entire world of citizens on HOW IMPORTANT SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY PRACTICE really is. This SRW RecordPedia book includes documents of proof for the world. The future SRW RecordPedia book is equally important for you to read and keep it as part of the series of reference books which can be passed on to FUTURE generation. Have you got the SRW RecordPedia 2004? We do welcome articles & case studies contributors, sponsors and advertisers from various part of the world to maximize these golden opportunities to promote and share your CSR practice to our readers from more than 200 countries.

The main objective of the SRW RecordPedia book project is not just to publish a book but more importantly is to promote world peace through cultivating social responsibility practice by providing more opportunities to acquire ideas and knowledge.

At SRW RecordPedia, we take all the necessary steps to invite as many entries as possible for inclusion in this premier publication to recognize, appreciate and jointly promote Social Responsibility throughout every corner of the world together with individuals, corporate and government agencies by using SRW RecordPedia as an official profound publication in this 21st century and beyond. Its goals are to educate, share various types of Social Responsibility practice models, encourage and inspire individuals and Corporations to make Social Responsibility Practice as one of the sustainable development movements to become part of a human living culture valued in modern times. We should start to cultivate this practice as early as child age. SRW RecordPedia is a kind of Dictionary of Social Responsibility International Biography and illustration which is extremely useful for all researchers needing to know more about individuals’ and Corporations’ activities in relation to Social Responsibility aspects. SRW RecordPedia will become an important resource for references. SRW RecordPedia has been established not only to recognize record holders and awardees, but to also spur individuals, Corporations, groups, institutions, media journalists, press reporters and researchers.

On 26th August 2005, YAB Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam, Chief Minister of Melaka cum Chairman of World Youth Foundation, Melaka was invited to launch these two series of CSR books in Melaka.

The Commendable message from the Chief Minister of Melaka, Malaysia

"Greetings from the Chief Minister of Malacca cum Chairman of World Youth Foundation, Malacca. I am indeed glad to inform you that the ‘SRW Social Responsibility World of RecordPedia’ and ‘Stakeholders and social responsibility’ CSR series books which discuss about Social Responsibility affairs in a globalise world is very enriching and informative. In today’s world

where companies are moving towards free trade, major companies should play a supportive role by being socially responsible as they are a part of society. Though not a business requirement, CSR is fast becoming an established global corporate practice, which benefits the society that we live in. These books contain valuable insights on issues pertaining to CSR and the role that organizations, multinationals and all major stakeholders can play in becoming a part of it. The articles put forth in these books are very beneficial and I would recommend everyone to read these books. I would also like to express my heartfelt thanks to Prof. Dr. Roger Haw and his colleagues for doing such a splendid job in publishing the CSR series with the aim of raising public awareness. Many thanks.” YAB Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam, Chief Minister of Melaka cum Chairman of World Youth Foundation, Melaka.

A series of CSR book deals with the development of the Corporate and individuals Social Responsibility on how to confront issues and questions; of what to do for world peace in our homes, workplaces, communities, and countries; how to resolve conflict and achieve reconciliation; how to restore lost respect for human dignity; how to put the government role and policy in place; and how to rectify various issues which can be prevented; how to empower youth to contribute to conflict resolution and reconciliation, and to strengthen their social responsibility and power. All these values have to start from childhood. We want to create opportunity for reflection, shared learning and exchange of ideas and experience across a huge range of interests, backgrounds and cultures.

Therefore, we wish to invite more people to pen their ideas and share with our readers and we also welcome companies to advertise in our publication. We do value comments from readers in our effort to further improve our publication. Please write to us at or

To order Ansted University Publication please write to us at or

Press releases (To be given later):


We constantly welcome corporations and individuals from various fields in different parts of the world to share their business success ideas and to create a platform for business trade opportunities with Researchers, Academicians, and Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Diplomats, global business-networking groups and readers from more than 80 different countries.
‘Series of Ansted Publication’ has an expansive readership that encompasses a broad demographic area that includes top decision makers and business leaders. It is distributed to a large number of universities, research centres, professional bodies, multinational corporations, small and medium size industries, trade organizations and the diplomatic corps globally. Additionally, advertising with SRW RecordPedia or Magazine ensues reaching the increasingly wide audience that the publication is garnering. The publication also promotes, recognizes and appreciates individuals, organizations and Corporations as well as promoting their products and services. As we know books don’t just happen by themselves. A number of smart, dedicated, competent, and compassionate people have to care about a book (and its authors) long enough to get everything done.

I am very pleased to tell you that the forthcoming book is creating a platform for you and your company to promote WORLD PEACE by cultivating Social Responsibility Practice together with millions of organizations. It is indeed a profound and meaningful invitation because CSR is becoming a must practice that is highly valued today, especially because of the many problems existing in our world.

There is another highlight in this publication that your company may be interested in: The Ansted Social Responsibility International Award (ASRIA) was created to recognize those companies practicing and cultivating excellent acts of Corporate Social Responsibility. The ASRIA awardees’ profile will be included in the SRW RecordPedia. Please contact us if you wish to receive more details about the nomination process for the ASRIA Award. Awardees may also have a chance to apply for future financial support. Each company or individual who takes part and supports the forthcoming book will be entitled to receive a complimentary copy of the SRW RecordPedia book 2004 from the hand of the Founder himself.

We welcome sponsors and advertisers to enhance the value of social responsibility practice. I offer you my sincere thanks for your time, attention, and anticipated contribution of support.

Yours sincerely,
Dana M. Barry, Ph.D., C.P.C. (USA)
President of Ansted University’s Scientific Board

Do you have any Questions? Please contact us at: