Mathematics test is a great fear factor for many students. Although there is no rigid reason to get afraid of Math tests, students are fearful of the subjects and take undue stress. As a result, it causes a negative impact on their overall performance.

Let us understand some of the most valuable tips to write Math tests quickly. But before that, let us know some of the reasons to get scared of the subject.

Why do some students are afraid to write Math tests?

Math is a subject of fear for some students for some of these reasons.

  • The students have a lack of understanding of the basic principles.
  • The students did not get an ideal teacher who could teach Maths effectively.
  • They have not developed any interest in the subject.
  • They have not practiced many Maths worksheets.
  • Somebody has told them that Mathematics is a complex subject.

What are some of the useful tips to write Math tests easily?

Now let us read carefully how can we develop strategies to crack Math tests every time:

1. Practice more numerals 

The most effective and most common tip is probably practicing sums. It is undeniable that practice makes a human activity perfect, and Mathematics is no exception. 

When you practice one type of problem more than once, you better approach the question. Multiple websites and online learning platforms like MyMathLab Answers are resourceful and offer various Math problems for better practice.

2. Implement flashcards

It is a great idea to use flashcards when it is about mathematics practice. There are many apps of flashcards like Quizlet and Brainscape.  

Flashcards bring along a simplified form of notes to state the rules and formulas. You can review the rules, theories, and procedures frequently from the flashcards.

3. Be calm always

Students get stressed before the math exam unnecessarily. It is more important to be calm and relax your brain, especially before the day of your Math exam.

Do not panic, and make your brain understand that you will do everything correctly. Too much anxiety and stress can spoil the preparation.

4. Always sit with everything required.

Whenever you sit to practice problem sums, bring along all the essential things you need during the session. It is a strategy to keep your focus and develop concentration. 

Make it a point to sit with all the study materials and organize things. It also helps to stay focussed during the online classes.

5. Avoid distractions every time.

Distractions during a practice session can stop you from developing the essential skills needed to do maths. Keep your mobile phones away or mute notifications during study hours. You are mature enough to understand what is good and bad for you. 

So there is no need to explain which messages are essential and calls your attention. Also, make it a point to inform your family members about your study hours so that they do not intervene during the study hours.

6. Eat healthy and light.

Maintaining a healthy diet is important throughout your life. Especially during the exam period, it is advisable to check your food intake. Keep your meals light yet rich and nutritious. 

Eat foods that give your brain more energy and are less acidic. Before leaving for the exam venue, eat a significant amount of food, so you don’t feel hungry quickly. At the same time, make sure to drink lots of water too.

7. Start for the exam early.

Although we are aware of this point yet, it is better to note that time is essential. If you plan to start early, you remain calm and stress-free and can sit to write the exam in a peaceful state. Starting late and hurrying to the exam spot has many disadvantages. 

You may have to face unwanted situations like losing your essentials if you do things in a hurry. It would make you panic-stricken, and you may forget everything you prepared. It is definitely not what you expect, right?


You have to schedule your time dedicatedly to develop your skills in Mathematics. 

Just like any human relationship, when you spend time with Maths, it becomes your friend, and both of you can do wonders. So dedicate your time to the subject and make a mark on your test performance.

Wish you a stroke of Math luck!